The professional trike

The Nanook trike is the best choice for professional pilots.

Specifications :

Heavy duty cage – Unique concept of two identical cage sections;
Choice of bucket seats or harnesses;
Foot gas throttle or hand throttle;
Adjustable fork in length and adjustable seat (for pilot);
Large wheels for uneven terrain (with disc brake);
Fiber suspension;
Can be used as one-seat or two-seat (tandem);
Gas tank capacity : 33 litres;
Deluxe finishing and great design;
For propellers until 162 cm (2 or 3 blades);
For powerful engines only  (Rotax 447, Rotax 503, Rotax 582.Simonini Victor 1 Plus, Compact Radial MZ201, Thor 250, Verner 3VW)
Can be entirely disassembled for an easy transport.

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