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At Kangook the customer is king! This is why our adaptive paramotor cage will satisfy you in every detail. As Pilot in Command (pic) whether beginner, competition or acrobatic, we are confident you will find the ideal product that will take you on your next paramotor adventure.


At Kangook we really do see the ‘big’ paramotor picture! Our client first attitude drives us. We have the largest range of paramotor products in the world! We have created the most modular designed paramotor in the world! Constant innovation is our motto. We provide quality products and services at an affordable price. Nothing less! We know that paramotoring is a lifetime experience. Whether it is footlaunch or trikes and chariots we are here to guide you through this experience. We would love to have you contact us!


At Kangook we really really love what we do! Our Paramotor sport and business focus drives us daily to meet and seek out new innovation challenges. How could we not be excited? After all flying a like a bird is one of the oldest dreams of mankind and today it is available to everyone!

Who are we ?

Kangook Paramotors is a Canadian company that offers modular, durable, well made products at affordable prices. We are the only genuine Paramotor airframe manufacturer and assembly factory in North America. Located in the Shawinigan suburb of Grand-Mere, Quebec, Canada, all frame, cage, engine mounts, attachment arms and parts are made in our own factory. Everything needed to fly is supplied by the company. Frames, engines, fuel tanks, wings, harness, safety equipment, helmets, radio communications, stuff bags and additional accessories.

what do we offer ?

Kangook Paramotor manufactures more than 200 types of modular airframes systems which are manufactured to Canadian and European engineering specifications. Superior Canadian welding standards have been endorsed by both German and Swedish aviation engineering specifications. We use aviation grade T6 aluminum in our products. Pilots have always trusted aluminum airframes to get them into the sky!

The Kangook range of paramotor flying systems meets the needs of all pilots. From the new pilot starting out, the regular every day pilot through to the needs of advanced acrobatics pilots we have a system for. Whether your weight is light or heavy we have the solution. Kangook products are designed to be modular with interchangeable cage system. The engine can be mounted directly to the frame or you can choose a Multifit mounting plate to accommodate different engines for your prefered cage system.

The World Air Sports Federation estimates that there are currently 30,000 powered paramotor pilots worldwide. Will you be pilot 30,001? Join the Kangook Paramotor Pilot Family today and run or wheel your way into the sky! Is it true Parmotoring is similar to flying like a bird? YES!! You can believe it! Your first flight will change your life forever!

kangook is born

Kangook Paramotors came to life in 2008. Founder and President David Rouault started out flying as a Paraglider pilot. But on too many occasions he would arrive at the flight zone and be unable to fly because of wind, weather or other concerns. One day while returning home from another unflyable day he saw someone flying a paramotor. Wow he thought. What is that! How can this person be flying? It looks like a paraglider but there are no hills around. Wait a minute, he thinks to himself, I want to that! The rest is history. Kangook Paramotors was born and here we are today 13+ years later.

David is meticulous at heart and has a keen sense for detail. He is inspired to make the best quality products so that paramotor pilots everywhere can enjoy the very best and safest paramotor flying possible.

Why are we different?

  1. Our Made in Canada factory manufactures and assembles a complete line of the most modular paramotor aviation adventure aircraft in the world!
  2. We are the only dedicated Paramotor manufacturing and assembly plant in North America.
  3. We build a complete line of both modular Foot Launch (6 types) and Wheeled (4 types) of paramotor air frames. We have two cage size (132cm and 146cm) as well as a parachute mounted Rescue cage option for all models, seven harness and seat models, all propeller sizes and double or triple blade selections. Of course we have more than ten types of engines to choose from! In fact we would go so far as to say we have designed engine mounting plates that will fit any paramotor engine on the market! And of
    course we offer six models of attachment arms (we have the only complete line on the market!). Choose from one of 9 fixed or swing attachment arms for your flying requirements. Be impressed that we make these! Our modular design allows you to try out different options to explore your flying experience. We really can say we have created a paramotor suitable for every kind of Pilot!
  4. We supply a full line of parts.
  5. We are pilots and fly our foot launch and trike products!
  6. We believe in aluminum and stainless steel. Pilots always have!
  7. Our complete line of Paramotor aircraft meets the needs of all pilots!
  8. We can customize your air frame! 
  9. We can meet your flying needs based on your physical size. We combine the right aircraft weight with your flying purpose (strong or extra strong frame) to meet the pilot requirements from newbie student to regular pilot and beyond to the acrobatic enthusiast (hey! Some of our clients win competitions using our airframes!).
  10. We have been in business over 13 years! Buy your factory direct paramotor today!

your preferred manufacturer

Airframes are made in our factory from A to Z.

All parts for every system we make are always available.

Unlike our competitors, we do not outsource any production to third parties in foreign countries and then white label and sell to you.

We always have a lot of stock available, everything is made here, even if we release new models since the beginning of the creation of the company we are still able to supply all parts for all of our systems. Our models do not become obsolete. If you need a part Kangook has it. All frames, cage systems, attachment arms, parts and accessories, wheels, skiis everything.

Kangook is an internationally recognized leader in innovation, design and modularity for paramotor technologies.

Our paramotor sport and business focus drives us daily to meet and seek out new innovation challenges. After all flying like a bird
is one of the oldest dreams of mankind and today it is available to everyone!

At Kangook we really do see the “big” paramotor picture, and we have the largest range of paramotor products in the world. Constant innovation is at the core of developing quality products and services at an affordable price.

3 years warranty

We have produced a great product and stand behind it. That’s our guarantee. We offer a three years warranty on frames and cage sections and a three years warranty on harness systems. Our Kangook Komfort custom made harnesses are built to last and safe to keep you enjoying the rest of your paramotor. Paramotor engine warranties depend on the manufacture. Check with your local dealer for more information.

a. Engines –  1 yr

b. Frames –  3 yrs

c. Harness –  3 yrs

d. Cages –  3 yrs

How we do it

When David first looked around for frame and engine suppliers he found a promising supplier (still on the market) but quickly learned that nasty competition existed for the limited products available. He would place an order, make an advance payment and wait many months before a partial delivery of the parts and products ordered. These delays and incomplete fulfillment orders inspired him to start his own factory and never be taken advantage of again. This is why we will never do it you! You place an order, make your payment and we will ship directly to you!

The factory fire in the fall of 2018 was and would be a challenge for any business owner. But David did not give up. Three days after the fire during the cleanup he discovered his welding frame jigs were still intact. Inspired he persisted, relocate and rebuilt his factory and inventory in a new facility. The city of Shawinigan were most impressed with business and have been very helpful in our business adventure. A BIG thank you to city!

As a result of the fire David was inspired to design the all new Phoenix and Phoenix K2 modular paramotor system. The Phoenix and Phonenix
K2 can mount any engine type. The frame is modular and can be broken down into a smaller space for easier transportation. The Phoenix has a fixed full netting systems while the Phoenix K2 has an update modular cage design.

our Work

Our products are entirely manufactured in Quebec, Canada, with the permanent concern of quality and constant innovation.

Our distribution network covers all continents, in over 20 countries.

Kangook has produced and delivered more than 3000 paramotors to date.


Kangook Paramotors is a Division of RS ULTRA Inc. – KANGOOK TEAM

RS Ultra Inc. was founded in September 2008 by David Rouault. 

The first Kangook Paramotor concept was developed  in December 2008.

This is the first paramotor in the world offering both a cage with identical sections and offering 6 different fastening systems on the same chassis

OUr team

David Rouault

David Rouault


Happily married with four wonderful children, CEO David Rouault from an early age was fascinated by anything that could fly. After completing his computer training in France he immigrated to Canada in 2000. By 2007 he had discovered and devoted himself entirely to the passion of Paramotoring. He became a Transport Canada certified instructor and then founded the Powered Paragliding (PPG) school ‘Paravoile’. While working with his students he soon discovered that PPG products on the market were not the best for training purposes. As a result in September 2008 he decided to act on his passion and the company was born.