The newest member of the family

How about light, safe and rugged ?
Take a look at our newest member!


Just by taking a look at a Kangook Paramotor, you’ll quickly see our attention to details. Our constant quest for perfection.

The Amaruk sums it all

Starting at 8900$ CAD

Now with Added Safety

A complete new design of our frame and cage for an easiest foot launch with an incredible reduction of torque effect.
Cage diameter : 140 cm – 55,1’’ (for 120 to 135 cm propellers)
Choice of 10 or 16,5 liters gas tank
CNC or Tubular swan neck arms
APCO STL Harness


COMPACT & LIGHT : only 20,9 kg with the Atom80 and 24,9 kg with the Moster Plus!
QUICK & EASY ASSEMBLY : only 140 seconds to assemble the cage!
TOTAL COMFORT & SAFETY : total protection of pilot, perfect stability on ground, extrem solidity of our 3 sections cage.