KX-1 Tandem

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The Kangook KX-1 three wheeled trike comes in two models, the KX-1 Komfort Solo and KX-1 Komfort Tandem. This is our stronger, more robust and popular wheeled trike model designed to accommodate modular Kangook Foot Launch paramotor systems. It is manufactured using a heavier grade of metal to meet the needs of tandem (pilot and passenger) flying requirements and suitable for flying schools.

You keep your Foot Launch paramotor system as is and just attach or detach to the chassis as you choose. Amazing Kangook modularity at its best!

You can choose three types of wheels including the standard (with brake), the large aluminum Transmaster with disc brake or the fat beach tires depending on your takeoff and landing requirements.

There are three ski options for the snow belt pilots. Both the standard and large Transmaster tires can accommodate a metal frame stirrup into which the wheel is mounted. The front ski stirrup has a guide rod beneath the ski blade to aid in steering. There is also the fixed ski which is mounted the same way as the wheel. Just remove the wheel and add the ski in typical Kangook modular design!

Note that the ski systems do not have a brake feature.

The Komfort bars are excellent for attaching a variety of accessories to aid your flight including mounting a GoPro camera, engine gauges, compass systems or container systems.

KX-1 Tandem

This system includes roll bars designed for tandem flying.

We recommend the dual pilot and passenger harness system for this airframe.

We recommend using a 16.5L fuel tank. Fuel weight is not a problem and will keep you in the air longer.

Great for training or just bringing a passenger along for the ride!


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