Nanook EVO Solo without Engine


Nanook EVO Solo

  • Frame:

  • Wheels:

  • Cage:

  • Gas Tank:

  • Fork:

  • Engine Adapter:

  • Starter:

  • Harness System: Pilot harness bucket seat with POD Container.

Basic Price: $xyz.00 US


  • Update kit from: $xyz.00 US

  • Update kit from: $xyz.00 US

  • Battery support: $xyz.00 US

  • Wheel:$xyz.00 US

  • 33 L / 8.7 gallons Fuel Tank: $xyz.00 US

  • Throttle: Foot Pedal: $xyz.00 US

  • Stirrup Skiis: $xyz.00 US

  • Fixed Skiis: $xyz.00 US


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